• Thai Grand Loughborough Restaurant
  • Thai Grand Loughborough Restaurant
  • Thai Grand Loughborough Restaurant
  • Thai Grand Loughborough Restaurant


About Thai Grand....

Thai Grand restaurant provides an authentic taste of Thai cuisine. Our Head chef has thirty years of experience and believes only in quality, which is provided in comfortable surroundings with a relaxing atmosphere.

Thai Grand is a family run restaurant.  We are fully air conditioned, family friendly and the chefs are Thai, so dishes are completely authentic.  The menu is extensive and varied ranging from familiar classics like satay,  Pad Thai and green curry to more adventurous offerings like pla nung ma-now , steamed fish with plum sauce, topped with lemon, ginger and peppers, or nuar Thai grand, which is a sizzling dish of tender beef with chilli and garlic sauce.

The restaurant itself is a modern oasis-like restaurant. It is beautifully lit and equipped with all the right facilities. The large open plan dinning area is well suited to large groups.

Our staff are experienced and friendly and have a great focus on customer needs. So, whether you have any special dietary requests , are looking to throw a party or are simply looking for a taste of Thailand then Thai grand can cater for you. Thai grand welcomes you. 

Thai Grand Opening Times 


*Any extra sauces, fresh chopped chilis or chilli powder - £0.50

*Please let us know about any allergies or dietary requests

G = Gluten Free Option available please ask staff when ordering


Spicy Crackers.

1. SATAY - £5.95  G  

Skewers of grilled marinated beef or chicken , served with a peanut sauce.



2. PO PEE KNOOG - £5.95   
Deep-fried Prawns wrapped in pastry, served with a sweet chilli sauce.



3. TOD MANN - £5.95 

Thai fish cake, served with a sweet plum and cucumber sauce.



4. TEMPRA KNOOG - £5.95

Deep-fried king prawns in batter and served with a sweet chilli sauce.



Squid deep-fried in batter served with a sweet chilli sauce.



6. THOONG TONG (Golden Bags) - £5.95 
Deep fried minced prawn and chicken wrapped in crispy pastry, served with a sweet chilli sauce



7. KHA NOM PANG NA GAI (Chicken On Toast) - £5.95 
Deep fried minced chicken with garlic and sesame seeds on pieces of bread served with a sweet chilli sauce.



8. LUCHIN TORD - £5.95 
Deep fried chicken balls served with sweet chilli sauce.



9. THAI DIM SUM - £5.95 
Steamed Dumplings of minced chicken and prawns, blended with garlic and water chestnuts, served with a light Soya sauce.



10. SEE KLONG TOD - £5.95 G
Spare ribs cooked in a sauce of garlic and peppers.



11. SEE KLONG MAN PUNG - £5.95 G
Deep fried spare ribs cooked with a delicious honey sauce.



12. PEEK KAI LAO DANG (Chicken Wings) - £5.95 
Deep fried marinated chicken wings in red wine sauce.



13. PO PEAH (Vegetables Spring Rolls) - £5.50 V
Deep-fried vegetables wrapped in pastry, served with a sweet chilli sauce.



14. PAK TORD - £5.50 V
Deep fried mixed vegetables in a light batter served with sweet chilli sauce.

       炸蔬菜(萝卜,西兰花 ,蘑菇,茄子),配甜辣椒膏。


15. TOFU TORD - £5.95 V
Crispy fried bean curd, served with sweet chilli sauce and peanut.



House selection of classical mixed Platter


Meat - £7 
Vegetarian - £6.50



Traditional Thai hot and sour clear soup, flavoured with lemon grass, coriander, fresh chillies, galangal and lime leaves with the following choice


17. TOM YUM GAI - Chicken G
Starter - £5.50 
Main - £9.95

18. TOM YUM GOONG - Prawn G
Starter - £5.95 
Main - £11

19. TOM YUM POH TAK - Mixed Seafood G
Starter - £5.95    
Main - £11

20. TOM YUM HED - Mushroom VG

Starter - £4.95    
Main - £7

21. TOM KHA GAI - ChickenG

Similar in taste to Tom Yam, except with the addition of coconut milk, it has a more distinct taste of galangal to mellow the flavour with the following choices.


Starter - £5.50
Main - £11

22. TOM KHA GOONG - Prawn G
Starter - £5.95    
Main - £11

23. TOM KHA TALAL - Mixed Seafood G
Starter - £5.50
Main - £9.95

24. TOM KHA HED - Mushroom  G
Starter - £4.95
Main - £7


25. KEOW NUM - £5.95 
A clear soup of minced chicken and prawns wrapped in won ton pastry, with bean sprouts, chopped spring onion and coriander.



26. SOUP KAO PHOD GAI - £5.50 G
Sweet corn soup with chicken and egg.



Traditional Thai salads are a fantastic blend between sweet, sour, Thai herbs and Thai spice. They are great ordered as a Starter or even as part of the Main course.



27. YUM NUER (Beef Salad) - £8.95 G
Slices of grilled beef with onions and salad in a lemon juice and chilli dressing.



28. YUM WOON SEN (Vermicelli Salad) - £9.95 G
King prawns, pork and vermicelli with salad in a lemon juice and chilli dressing



29. YUM TALAY (Seafood Salad) - £11    G
Mixed seafood with onions and salad in a lemon juice and chilli dressing.



30. LARB TAO HOO - £7.95 G
Crispy bean curd with salad, blended with ground roasted rice, lime juice and chilli dressing.



31. SOM TAM - £7.95 G
Thai style spicy salad, consisting of julienne carrot, long beans, tomato fresh chilli, garlic, crushed peanut and lime juice.