Group Bookings

Thai Grand is becoming well known for catering all types of large parties. From birthdays to graduation and business outings Thai grand has catered for groups from 10 people to 40 or 50 people or more. What a charming and calming place to gather for celebrations and reunions. The gorgeous decor of the restaurant would make any group meal feel special. The Thai Set menus have won lots of fans, particularly the vegetarian choices. Wines are well-matched to the spicing and the host is the genuine article. Excellent deals can be made on request.

Thai Grand restaurant provides an authentic taste of Thai cuisine. Our Head chef has thirty years of experience and believes only in quality, which is provided in  comfortable surroundings with a relaxing atmosphere.

Thai Grand is a family run restaurant.  We are fully air conditioned, family friendly and the chefs are Thai, so dishes are completely authentic.  The menu is extensive and varied ranging from familiar classics like satay,  Pad Thai and green curry to more adventurous offerings like pla nung ma-now , steamed fish with plum sauce, topped with lemon, ginger and peppers, or nuar Thai grand, which is a sizzling dish of tender beef with chilli and garlic sauce. 

The restaurant itself is a modern oasis-like restaurant. It is beautifully lit and equipped with all the right facilities. The large open plan dinning area is well suited to large groups.

Our staff are experienced and friendly and have a great focus on customer needs. So, whether you have any special dietary requests , are looking to throw a party or are simply looking for a taste of Thailand then Thai grand can cater for you. Thai grand welcomes you.