• Thai Grand Loughborough Restaurant
  • Thai Grand Loughborough Restaurant
  • Thai Grand Loughborough Restaurant
  • Thai Grand Loughborough Restaurant
About Thai Grand
Thai Grand restaurant provides an authentic taste of Thai cuisine. Our Head chef has thirty years of experience and believes only in quality, which is provided in  comfortable surroundings with a relaxing atmosphere.

Thai Grand is a family run restaurant.  We are fully air conditioned, family friendly and the chefs are Thai, so dishes are completely authentic.  The menu is extensive and varied ranging from familiar classics like satay,  Pad Thai and green curry to more adventurous offerings like pla nung ma-now , steamed fish with plum sauce, topped with lemon, ginger and peppers, or nuar Thai Grand, which is a sizzling dish of tender beef with chilli and garlic sauce.

The restaurant itself is a modern oasis-like restaurant. It is beautifully lit and equipped with all the right facilities. The large open plan dinning area is well suited to large groups.

Our staff are experienced and friendly and have a great focus on customer needs. So, whether you have any special dietary requests , are looking to throw a party or are simply looking for a taste of Thailand then Thai Grand can cater for you. Thai Grand welcomes you. 

Thai Grand Turns 3... 

Thai Grand is now three years old!   It has been a very special journey that has got us all here but a big thank you goes out to all our customers that have made (and continues to make) Thai Grand such a great place to be!

I still remember our first night - Saturday the 9th of September 05 - we had 20 people booked - and we thought it was going to be a quiet night...how we were so wrong!   Because of the bookings we only put four staff on the floor.    The night ended up being amazing - not only did we end up fully booked but there was a queue of people going out the door waiting for seats!  I have never run so much in my life.    We now have at least eight waiting staff working every Saturday night!  It has been a fun three years and it has been special sharing all those laughs with you our customers.

So where are we now?   We have made a few subtle changes in the restaurant.    A new large mirror stands on the back wall and the decor has been freshened up - keep an eye out for the Thai style wall paper....   We will be publishing a new Lunch menu as well as adding to the existing a la carte evening menu.  


Thai Grand News :

We have been in the newspapers... The Guardian reported that we were one of the best Thai restaurants for customers to go and celebrate Thai New Year. Six Thai restaurants were mentioned in total and only three outside of London. This is a great compliment. Picking up on this, the Loughborough Echo came and took pictures on the evening of our Thai New year celebration and published a small expose. Another good compliment. On this point we would like to thank all our customers that help make Thai Grand the restaurant it is today.